You’ve built a solid FBA business. We buy solid Amazon brands and elevate them to new heights.

You’ve invested your time, energy and passion into creating a profitable Amazon business. Thanks to your hard work, the business is doing well — but now you’re ready to start something new. We understand your desire to continue changing and progressing . That’s why we’re making you an offer: We’ll purchase your brand and take it to the next level. Giving you the time to devote to other opportunities and develop your projects currently stuck in the pipeline.

What remains at the end?

A sizable profit, beautiful memories, and your brand — with its integrity intact.

We respect what you’ve built. After all, we know from our own experience how difficult it is to establish a successful business. As the founder, we understand what a colossal step it is for you to entrust your business to another’s hands. That’s why it’s important to us to offer you not only an attractive purchase price, but also a reassuring outlook: Transferring your business to us is not the end of your success story, but the beginning of a new chapter. Because our goal is to breathe new inspiration into your brand and elevate it to even greater levels of success.

"Jens and I have built and sold a successful Amazon brand ourselves. We’ve already gone through the process that you’re about to undertake. That's why we understand what is important to you on a personal level."

– Dr. Max Fischer, Managing Director & Co-Founder

"Our company is called Marketplace Powerbrands — and not Marketplace So-so-brands. We’re motivated by robust brands and passionate founders."

– Jens Köpke, Managing Director

"From our work in the private equity industry, Jens and I learned how to make strong companies even more profitable. As founders, we built and later sold an Amazon brand ourselves. Now, we’re merging our knowledge from the two fields to benefit other founders."

– Dr. Max Fischer, Managing Director & Co-Founder

"It's not easy to part with your business which you've poured your heart and soul into building for years. Our goal is to make the selling process so easy and pleasant that you can immediately start anew afterwards, full of energy."

– Jens Köpke, Managing Director

Let’s talk — we’ll listen.

Attractive purchase price

We’ll make you a fair offer that accounts for the true value of your business.

Seasoned founders

As founders ourselves, we deeply understand your drives, motivations, and concerns.

Refreshed outlook

We carry on your work and let it flourish to new heights.

Seamless transition

We’ve made the sales process as easy and professional as possible.

Transparent process

We work quickly and efficiently, but also with diligence and care.

Trustworthy practices

Above all else, we prioritize your confidentiality and protect your data.

Above all else, we prioritize your confidentiality and protect your data.

Our sales process: fast, professional, and customized.


We get to know each other without obligation.


We take a look at your FBA company.


We dive into the finer details with you.


Together, we land on a fair purchase price.


Hooray, we’ve made it! Welcome to your new life.

From initial contact to exit in just 30 days.

For us, taking on FBA brands is not an automated assembly line process.Rather, we take the time to personally understand your business. And every step of the way, we value direct, sincere and cooperative communication to complement a fair, transparent and speedy approach.

Our team

We operate as a well-oiled machine (and we’re musically inclined, to boot!)

Dr. Max Fischer

Dr. Max Fischer

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Jens Köpke

Jens Köpke

Managing Director & Co-Founder

We’ve been working together for nearly a decade since our initial connection at KKR, a leading international investment company. There, we learned to identify promising companies and optimise them sustainably to generate added value. We had a lot of fun in that environment. But after some time, we felt the pull to build something of our own.

We took the plunge and founded an Amazon Marketplace company, which we developed successfully to a double-digit million-dollar turnover. The process of selling our brand sparked a new idea, launching Marketplace Powerbrands. This business is the culmination of our collective experience:we buy strong FBA brands and leverage our expertise along with our specialised team to foster growth and greater profitability.

Outside of our business partnership, we’ve also built a close friendship. We even play in a band together — Max on vocals and piano, Jens on bass.

So: Let’s rock! Click here to learn more about us.

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