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Dr. Max Fischer

Managing Director & Co-Founder

I started along my career path by earning my doctorate in law. However, I never ended up working as a lawyer. Instead, I realised early on that life as an entrepreneur offers far more excitement. After successfully founding several companies, I worked as a management consultant at McKinsey. Then I moved on to private equity at KKR, where I met Jens. Together we left our well-paid positions at KKR to start the Amazon Marketplace company Hilding Sweden. We achieved great success and have now progressed to an even more exciting venture with Marketplace Powerbrands. Besides optimising fantastic brands, my passions are sports, music and my family (two boys, two and four years old).

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Jens Köpke

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Following my sociology studies, I completed an MBA at Warwick Business School in England. I then worked in the telecoms industry for over 10 years in a variety of management roles (product management, business development, sales). My next stop was KKR, where I worked in private equity for several years before moving to WMF as Head of Digital. Then I took the plunge into entrepreneurship by founding the Hilding Sweden brand with Max. And now we’re on our greatest adventure yet, running Marketplace Powerbrands. It’s at least as much fun as playing together in our band. Besides music, I’m into triathlon and I love spending time with my family (two boys and a girl, aged twelve, nine and six).

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